Terms of service

Terms of Service

Terms and conditions:
We welcome you and thank you for choosing our service. To use our service you should agree to the terms and conditions. So, read the below terms and conditions carefully. In future, these points may change due to more requirements and updates. So, keep in touch.

Accessing our services:
You must have an account to get access our all kind of services otherwise cannot. The information that you are providing when signing up should be correct, and they will store securely. Read our Privacy policy to get more about the user data. We are sharing the Ads to the users based on our Advertisers.

Trafficwind permits the users to have no more than one account. You can use the single account for advertising, earning and all other Trafficwind services without any country restrictions. If we find any user, who has more than an account that will block. We always check the IP address of the user. In case different accounts with same IP address is being used by a user that also will block. If you are not using the account within 30 days, It will consider as an inactive account. You need to click the Re-activate option to activate your account again.

For Earner:
TrafficWind allows you to have unlimited referrals. The user who is considering as your referrals only if he/she register under your referral link or by entering your referral name while signing up. Exactly 50% of your referral's earning will be credited to your account only after you clicked 10 surf ads. The 50% referral earning will not be given to you until you have clicked 10 referral surf ads. The clicked referral surf ads only valid for 24 hours from the time you clicked, after that It will become canceled automatically.

You must have a Payza account to withdraw your earned money. Once you have given the Payza id that cannot change due to security purpose. In future, we may provide you more payout options. You can request payout only if you reach the minimum threshold (Initial threshold amount is $2). The amount will withdraw within seven days from the date of withdrawing request sent from you. Unlike other sites, TrafficWind offers free processing for withdrawing.. Once we transferred the money, we are not responsible if any failures of your Payza or Bank account or any.

For Advertisers:
The site which you are giving for surfing should not contain any pornographic or adult or malware or any illegal contents otherwise that will become blocked. The site should not be consist of external links or many pop-ups or alerts. These kind of things are also going to be dangerous for your ad. The site should be in the English language. YouTube or any video URLs are not allowed.

For Banner advertisers:
The banners should be of a fixed size as mentioned in the Buy Banner ad page. The banners should not have any pornographic or adult or malware or any illegal contents otherwise it will not be displayed.

Revenue sharing:
This revenue sharing is a non-guaranteed scheme. It works based on our revenue. If we are not getting the revenue, we will not share. We are not offering any investments at all. We are offering Adpacks to promote your business. You can get daily income only after surfed 10 Ads every day.

Refund policy:

The money sent from you will not be refundable by any means. Trafficwind does not offer any refund option.