1.Can I Rent referrals?
No, You cannot get rental referrals.In TrafficWind, This scheme is not available now. In future, it may be available.

2.What is the minimum payout amount?
Once you have reached $2, You can withdraw the amount. After the first withdraw the minimum withdraw amount will increase by $1 each time until you reach $10. Finally, it will fix to $10 as the minimum withdrawal amount.

3.What is Adpack and how does it work?
Adpack is one of the ways for promoting your business. An Adpack is worth $25 which provides you 2000 PTC Ad credits and 5 or 10 banner clicks. Buying Adpack is not any means of investment. It is an easy way to promote your business and get some limited cashback offers based on our revenue.

4.Can I buy Adpacks from my account balance?
Yes, you can. Also, you can pay for all our services from your Trafficwind account balance with no fee.

5.How long does it take to get cash back?
It depends on our daily revenue. We can't predict precisely when it is going to mature.

6.How can I earn money without purchasing Adpacks?
There are several ways to make money with Trafficwind. Some of them are,
-You can earn money by surfing ads in "view Cashlinks" page. The fixed amount will credit to your account after surfing each ad.
-Another way is to get the referral commission from your referrals. It gives you 50% of your referrals surf ads earning.
-If any of your referrals buy Adpacks, you can also get 5% of the purchase price as Purchase commission.

7.When will my account balance send me?
You can request for withdraw once you have reached the minimum threshold amount. Within 7 days from the date of withdraw request sent from you, the amount will be transferred to your given Payza account.

8.How to setup my Payza account with TrafficWind?
Log in to your Trafficwind account and click on the avatar placed at the top right corner of the dashboard page then select profile option, Give your Payza email ID under the payment processor option with your Trafficwind current password and hit save. Once, you have given the Payza email ID you cannot change it again.

9.Can I get other payment options rather than Payza?
No, TrafficWind does not offer you any other payment options except Payza, But we are trying to implement some additional ways. It may be available after some time.